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Neighborhood trash pickup, including recyclables and heavy trash.


Weekly trash pickup. We also supply containers and enclosures.


From newspapers and glass to batteries, cell phones & computers.

Construction Debris Collection

Construction Debris Recycling and Disposal
Whether you’re starting a major home renovation or just tidying up your property, VF Waste Services can collect the materials you need to dispose of — many of which we are able to recycle. The same sophisticated sorting technology we use to help our industrial clients go green can also help environmentally minded homeowners like you.

Common Recyclable Materials
During your construction project, we’ll provide the receptacles you need. In some communities, we can also work with you to recycle materials such as concrete, porcelain, rigid plastics, tile, lumber, metals, masonry, plastic, rock, carpet, insulation and more.

How your material becomes part of the solution
Every recycling program aims to turn as much discarded material as possible into new resources. Here are a few of the ways your construction debris may be transformed:

  • Inert material such as brick and rock can become road base.
  • Cardboard, paper, plastics and metals can be converted into new goods.
  • Clean wood can be made into mulch or used to produce biomass fuel.
  • Concrete can be crushed and used as gravel or dry aggregate to make new concrete.
VF Waste Services

We are committed to providing high quality, comprehensive solid waste and recycling collection services.

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