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The solid waste industry is tough on dumpster enclosures! If not built properly, they quickly fall apart. These guidelines will help you design a sturdy, properly sized, and low maintenance enclosure for your property.


The following questions need to be considered before you call your sales representative:

  • What is your budget?
  • What is the available space?
  • Are there any covenants, zoning codes, or aesthetic requirements?
  • How protected is the enclosure from vandals, animals, and wind?
  • How "user friendlyā€¯ is the enclosure to tenants?
  • How much trash and recyclables will be handled per day by the facility?
  • Will the pickup schedule accommodate the above number without overflow?
  • Have safety concerns been addressed, including pedestrian access and motor vehicle traffic flow?
  • What is the enclosure designed for? Trash only? Trash and recycling (including cardboard, newspaper, office paper, and commingled containers)? Special materials such as grease from a restaurant? Front-load or rear-load trash trucks?
  • Does enclosure have room to expand as business increases?

The Ideal Enclosure

The following characteristics should be designed into every enclosure:Required Space for a 3-yard dumpster, minimum inside enclosure dimensions (72"W x 61"D x 55"H). This includes a 12" buffer zone.
Buffer zone of a minimum of 12" around all dumpster dimensions-- including the inside gate post dimensions--to accommodate manufacturing variations between dumpster size and to facilitate movement of the dumpsters in and out of the enclosure

  • Two entrances--one (non-gated) for tenants, and one (gated) for the hauler to remove the dumpsters
  • Room for multiple dumpsters (if any) to sit side by side rather than one in front of the other
  • Main doors that attach to steel posts or, at least, to steel plates on wooden posts (doors attached to wooden posts will loosen over time)
  • Access for our trucks, even if all adjacent parking spaces are occupied
  • Clear, straight service truck access with no curbs or overhead wires
  • Devices that lock into the pavement to hold service gates open in windy conditions
  • Location on the perimeter of the parking lot so that our trucks can access container, even if the lot is full of cars
  • Floor that slopes slightly outward so that water from melting ice drains properly
  • Surface that is paintable for quick graffiti cover-up

Helpful Hints

  • Don't use stucco if at all possible--it can't take the abuse
  • Line your enclosure with a wooden "chair rail" or bumper at dumpster height to minimize wear
  • Use curb stops or angle iron bolted to the pavement to keep the dumpster from slamming into the enclosure
  • Anchor posts with concrete
  • Pave the enclosure with concrete
  • Use signs to discourage midnight dumping and contamination of recyclables
  • Verify that the pavement outside the enclosure is sturdy enough to support a 27- ton truck
  • Leave doors 6-8" off pavement to allow opening
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