Serving Houston since 1997

Neighborhood trash pickup, including recyclables and heavy trash.


Weekly trash pickup. We also supply containers and enclosures.


From newspapers and glass to batteries, cell phones & computers.

Food Waste Pickup

It's as simple as using our collection and recycling services, conveniently available to the growing numbers of communities we serve.

Our food waste program accepts many biodegradble foodstuffs, including vegetables, fruits, eggshells and other items. During the week participants collect kitchen waste in a container. On collection day, they follow instructions specific to their program for disposal.

Did you know that:

  • About one-eighth of all solid waste generated in the United States is food scraps.
  • Food waste and other organic materials can be used to generate clean, renewable energy.

By working together to repurpose food waste, we can make a tremendous impact for the better on the environment we all share.

VF Waste Services

We are committed to providing high quality, comprehensive solid waste and recycling collection services.

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