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Weekly trash pickup. We also supply containers and enclosures.


From newspapers and glass to batteries, cell phones & computers.

Pickup Guidelines

Below are the general guidelines for pickup used by V.F. Waste Services. Your specific contract or agreement may have differences for time, heavy trash parameters or other items. If you have specific questions regarding your agreement, please contact your property manager or representative.


To insure that your trash is picked up regularly and on time, please read the following detailed instructions.......

Please have your trash (including heavy trash if part of contract) ready by 7:00 AM on your scheduled pickup days. Make sure to place your trash within 3 feet of the curb if you have curbside service. If you have backdoor service please make sure that your trash is accessible by VF Waste employees. If you have curbside service please make sure your landscape debris and heavy/bulky trash is also placed at the curb. Generally, if you have backdoor service for regular trash you will still need to place your landscape debris and heavy/bulky trash at the curb. We recommend that you contact your community manager or VF Waste Customer Service to get specifics guidelines. Not all communities have heavy/bulky trash service as part of the contract.

Please do not let your trash cans or bags exceed a weight of forty five (45) pounds each when full. If you are using trash cans make sure to not use any cans that are 50 gallons or more. These large cans will get too heavy to lift. We do not require you to use trash cans if you do not want to but please refer to your association guidelines for specific rules. Further, you are not required to bag your lawn clippings in biodegradable bags at this time.

Branches must be tied and bundled and cut to 4 foot lengths or less and tied with a sturdy string. Each bundle must be no more than 18 inches in diameter and not weighing more than 40 pounds.

Remember that there is a limit on the amount of trash we will pick from your home on each scheduled trip. We recommend that you contact your community manager or VF Waste Customer Service to get specifics guidelines. Any excess trash will be collected on the next scheduled pickup day. We can also haul away all the excess debris at one time for an extra fee. Please contact our office at 713-787-9790 or email your request to You may also visit our website at and upload your request.

Heavy/Bulky trash items that may be placed at the curb for removal include: (Please verify with your community manager or VF Waste to determine if your community has heavy/bulky trash pickup as part of your service.)

  • White goods (stoves, washers, hot water heaters) (Make sure water heaters are completely drained)
  • Refrigerators (Refrigerators or appliances containing refrigerants must have a tag attached to them certifying that a qualified technician has removed the refrigerant.) (Items not having this certification can be hauled away for $65.00 per item.)
  • Mattresses, box springs, small sofas and chairs. Each item is considered one (1) item. For larger items please contact our office.
  • Very small amount (1 cubic yard) of construction material (sheetrock, drywall etc.) properly prepared in organized bundles at the curb that can be easily handled by our employees. Excessive amount of construction material can be hauled away for a fee. Please contact our office for a quote.
  • Items such as lumber, fence boards, carpeting, etc, must be cut into 4 foot lengths and bundled prior to pickup.
  • Bulk items need to be placed at the curb neatly and dismantled.Larger volumes of these materials may be picked up at an additional charge.
  • Small televisions
  • Lightweight bath tubs
  • Thin wood and metal doors.
  • Swing sets must be completely taken apart. No pipes longer than six (6) feet. All concrete ends of the poles must be knocked off. Slides must have legs removed.
  • Workbenches, picnic tables, awnings, must be taken apart, tied and bundled. No more than forty (40) lbs per bundle.
  • Kitchen tables - remove legs and bundle. No more than forty (40) lbs per bundle.
  • Fence posts - three (3) of four (4) in a bundle, concrete must be broken off bottom of poles.
  • All glass from shower doors, storm doors, windows, door walls, and mirrors must be removed from the frames. The glass must be broken up and placed inside a cardboard box labeled GLASS and securely taped closed.Frames to these items need to be bundled securely and placed with the trash.

Items that can NOT be picked up:

  • Stone, brick, dirt, cement & concrete
  • Gas tanks or cans
  • Hazardous material (paints, pesticides, driveway sealer, tires, rims, batteries, oil, antifreeze etc.)
  • Dead animals
  • Excessive amounts of landscape debris generated by residents and/or contractors
  • Excessive amounts of construction debris generated by residents and/or contractors
  • Trash generated as a result of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires, or any other acts of God
  • Commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers
  • Engine blocks, car fenders, transmissions, engines etc.
  • Concrete laundry tubs
  • Wooden sheds
  • Items with Freon
  • Welding tanks
  • Railroad ties
  • Large and extremely heavy tree trunks
  • Roof shingle
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