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Neighborhood trash pickup, including recyclables and heavy trash.


Weekly trash pickup. We also supply containers and enclosures.


From newspapers and glass to batteries, cell phones & computers.


As Treasurer of our neighborhood association I started researching a new trash service when our contract was expiring with our large national provider. After speaking with and getting proposals from several companies, we chose VF because of their professionalism throughout the bid process, their timeliness in response and their competitive pricing. Their service has been exactly the same: professional (nice, clean trucks with polite personnel); timely (always on schedule and did not miss a day even during Hurricane Ike); and fair pricing (we asked for some additional pickup during the hurricane and they accommodated us fairly). They have been a pleasure to deal with and treat us like they live in our neighborhood.

Denise M. Traylor
Charnwood Civic Club
Potomac Custom Builders

V.F. Waste Services has always done an above average job at the properties that I manage. Not only do they perform the duties within their contract in a friendly, professional, and timely manner, they also go above and beyond what's on paper. On many occasions they have made special trips to pickup heavy trash (such furniture and appliances) the same day I have requested it. They've also cleaned out the trash rooms and dumpsters on a regular basis without request and at no additional charge. All in all, the Board of Directors and myself have been more than satisfied with their services."

Natalie DeBarbieris
Association Manager
Genesis Community Management, Inc.

VF Waste Services has been an excellent service provider to the communities I manage. A most recent account of their attention and customer service was just after Hurricane Ike when they continued business as usual, when most contractors couldn't. They went out of their way to make sure our clients were taken care of and they also picked up more waste then they were required to. VF Waste Services is a communicator and a provider and you would be doing a good service to contract with them.

Sherri Carey,
High Sierra Management

Eight of my Homeowners Associations use waste removal with VF Services because of their attention to detail. There trucks are spotless, never leak oil and their employees are courteous. They pickup the trash the same time every pickup day which eliminates all the calls of missed pickups. If a homeowner stacks bags on top of the can, they pick that up first and always put the cans back in their designated spot. If I need a heavy trash pickup, VF responds within 24 hours. Using their waste service makes my job a piece of cake.

Tina Miller
KRJ Management, Inc.

VF Waste Services provides outstanding, reliable and friendly service. Our firm manages residential communities throughout the Houston area - condominiums, Townhomes and subdivisions. Our residents take the time to call us and tell us how fantastic their service is! Their employees are hard-working and conscientious. It is a pleasure to do business with VF Waste Services!

Nanette Harms
KRJ Management, Inc.

It is my pleasure to recommend VF Services. They have provided our sanitation services for Piney Point Village since September, and because of their dedication to good service, we have gone from getting multiple complaints a week about our garbage pickup to getting complimentary notes, emails, and phone calls, praising this company and its workers. It is now rare to receive a complaint. Their garbage trucks are cleaner than you can imagine and are kept immaculate.

Karey P. Bresenhan
Mayor, Piney Point Village

I have found VF Trash to be a very good, reliable company. There are very few complaints, but if there are, the problem is resolved very quickly. I recommend VF Trash 5 stars - the best.

Cindy Yeglin
c/o RCM, INC.

We have been with VF Waste Services for approximately one year. We were disappointed when our previous waste service that we had for many years increased their charge dramatically. Now we realize it was a blessing in disguise.

Sonja Finley, President
Shady Lane Estates

The Huntleigh Committee on behalf of Huntleigh Subdivsion negotiated a contract with VF Trash starting in '07. We had nothing but accolades from our residents. I went off the committee in July of '08 and I still have people tell me VF Trash was one of the best things The Huntleigh Committee did for the neighborhood during my term. We are continuing our contract with them.

Pam Richards, Past President
The Huntleigh Committee '05-'08

I have been a customer of V.F. Waste Services, Inc for many years and have always received excellent service. Their staff is so in tune with my service requirements that they are literally an extension of my business. I highly recommend V.F. Waste Services, Inc. for any management company that enjoys peace of mind in knowing that the community they represent is so well taken care of.

Lynn Marticiuc
Community Association Manager
Texas Community Management

V.F. Waste Services is a wonderful company as they take the worry out of trash pickup. The trucks are clean, the workers nice and most importantly, they do their job. Unlike other waste pick-up companies, never in the many years of using V.F. Waste Services have I had to call to find out when the trash was going to be picked up. The workers arrive on the day they are supposed to pickup the trash, they pickup all trash from all containers, and they do not leave a trail of trash as the leave the property. I highly recommend V.F. Waste Services to anyone looking for the very best in waste disposal. I cannot say enough good things about this company, the owners and their employees.

Carol Beck, Property Manager
Genesis Community Management

VF Trash Service is always on time and very accommodating to our clients needs. Their trucks are ALWAYS spotless; I refer them for all private collection services.

Tara R. Fase
King Property Management
720 N. Post Oak Road
Suite 605
Houston, Texas 77024
713-956-1995 Ext. 31
713-956-1442 Fax

VF Waste Services

We are committed to providing high quality, comprehensive solid waste and recycling collection services.

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